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Just got back from Hawaii yesterday.  Wow!  Great trip.   We started in San Francisco Bay at 10:45 AM on June 30, and finished in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu at 10:38 AM on July 13.

After the race, I spent some time on Oahu and some time on the Big Island (Hawaii) and loved it all.  I've got about 1,040 pictures to go through, so be patient!  I'll get them up eventually.  Here's one:

The Merry Crew: Steve, Sam, Shellie, Rui, Dudley, Charles, Don, and Jason:aut_6110.jpg (133242 bytes)

8/1/98:      Okay, now I'm starting to get more up.  They're organized by day:

8/6/98     Up to Day Seven

8/9/98     They're BAACK!  See Day Forty!

8/15/98     Up to Day Eleven.  This is taking longer than the race.

8/21/98     to Day Thirteen.  We're ALMSOT THERE!

We're THERE!

Snorkel with the tourists: Hanauma (sp?) Bay

A Havaiian Flower

6/16/200  revamping once again.  Check out the never-before-seen Days 15-22!


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