Day 40
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Pacific Cup 1998 on La Adriana

DayForty - they're BAAAACK!

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8/9/98 10:23:16 PM
BTW my camera is not on Daylight Savings Time.
8/9/98 11:03:42 PM
Thery're BAAACK! Ruth, Nila, Darwin, Sam, Elise, and Lane. Hey, Nila! Look at the camera!
8/9/98 11:03:58 PM
Nila and Elise love their little brother. See? No, Nila didn't go. She missed them so much she jumped aboard as soon as she could.
8/9/98 11:09:20 PM
"Bet you missed me, didn't you?" "Did not." "Did too!." "Did not. Shut up. There's Charles with his stupid camera."
8/9/98 11:10:16 PM
Elise: "Well, it WAS kind of a cool trip. Glad I went." Darwin: "But Elise, what about how you tried to kill us all in our sleep? Elise: "That was YOUR FAULT!"

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