Day Six
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Pacific Cup 1998 on La Adriana

Day Six

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7/5/98 11:18:12 AM
"Forepeak, sweet forepeak" - Dudley sleeps after helping kill The Big Fish this morning.
7/5/98 11:18:36 AM
"Rui, do you know where we are?"
7/5/98 11:19:00 AM
"Off the Aleutian Islands, Rui? Are you sure?"
7/5/98 11:20:08 AM
Sam drives. Shellie smiles. And the Captain has declared that "well-dressed crew no longer wear foulie bottoms!"
7/5/98 11:20:22 AM
Sailing a sailboat on another sailboat. I think that makes La Adriana a ship for sure!
7/5/98 11:20:52 AM
The Big Fish - a 52.5" mahi-mahi (note dents in skull from Dudley and the winch handle.) - we need a bigger fish table!
7/5/98 11:27:58 AM
The Watch Schedule ("who am I supposed to wake up next?")
7/5/98 12:48:54 PM
Shellie "Sparky" Taylor reaches out and touches Pt. Reyes weatherfax with computer #2 (Note white Rain Abatement Shield over SSB)
8/4/98 8:13:06 AM
Stop laughing and pose for the picture!
8/4/98 8:13:24 AM
Jason relieves... er, filters drinking water into the thermos - a frequent ritual.

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