Day Four
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Pacific Cup 1998 on La Adriana

Day Four

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7/3/98 11:20:46 AM
Peeking out the aft hatch at Dudley.
7/3/98 11:21:42 AM
Rui and Shellie at home on La Adriana.
6/17/00 4:21:00 PM
Cruising is: repairing your boat in exotic harbors. Racing is: repairing your boat underway. Charles and Sam get dirty.
7/3/98 3:52:02 PM
Rockstar Jason checks for weather helm.
7/3/98 5:16:58 PM
The light is full of water. Will it stay full of water?
7/3/98 7:26:08 PM
Dinner. MMPF! It'th delithious!
7/3/98 7:26:34 PM
Steve eats!

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