Channel Islands 2001
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Happy Birthday to me!

Just got back from a great trip down the coast.  Left San Francisco Bay for the Channel Islands on July 7 with Dudley and Teresa Gaman and Heidi Cavanagh on the Gaman's Catalina 36 Kia Orana.  Steve and Virginia Downie drove down, and met up with us in Santa Barbara on Friday.

Sailed, motored, anchored, explored beaches, snorkeled, and (of course) took pictures.  Got Day 1 up.  More later!


Okay, so I'm slow.  So sue me  Days 2 through 4 are up, and I'm working on the rest.  Enjoy!


Days 5A, 5B, 6, in which we finally arrive at the islands, and play...


Done!  Got Days 7A and 7B up, with lots of island pictures, including Anacapa in the morning, plus Santa Barbara, and Day 8, the drive home.

What a great trip!  Thanks, Dudley!  Thanks, Teresa!



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